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Hi, I am a senior double major in psychology and sociology. I am debating whether to graduate in december of 07 or in may of 08 (this just depends on whether or not i take summer classes this year) and was hoping people might be able to provide me with some information. I will be applying to graduate programs for fall 2008. In my decision making process I was trying to decide what I should do with my 9 months or so between graduation and grad school. I am very interested in social psychology as well as abnormal and clinical psychology. I will likely be applying to social psychology programs for graduate school.

I was curious if anyone knows of any certification or additional classes or things that I could complete during the 9 months after I get my BA? It is just a thought I had and I do not even know if something exists but short of doing volunteer work I am stumped as to what I should do during that time. I really am just curious if anyone has an information regarding certifications, training, programs etc. that can be completed in a year or less. This would really help make my decision a lot easier (since my advisor has been of no help!) and I appreciate the feedback.

I hope this doesn't violate the rule on the front page, I really am just trying to learn more about what types of programs exist but if this isn't allowed i apologize.
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